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Welcome to James G Arthur, a ministry of Jude Ministries

This is one of three websites dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The three sites are, in some form, all under construction. Jude Ministries is being revised and brought current, while the other two are in the process of creation or revision. The point is, the links below will get you somewhere, but there may not be a lot of material once you arrive. Please be paitent, they will all be active shortly. Thank you and God Bless!

Jude 3

This site is what I think of as the odds and ends. Things that do not fit within the teaching guidelines of Jude Ministries or the blog sections of jamesgarthur.com end up somewhere on Jude3.

One decision I did make was to take the few blogs that were posted to DesignsForGlory.com, the design site I created, to JudeMinistries.org, and to Calvary Road Bible Institute, have been move to the thoughts section of this site.

Head on over and browse this site here.


The blog — thoughts on theology, Jesus, the Bible, programming, websites, politics, culture, society, church, family, and anything else that strikes my mind as I type. For example, I teach computers in an elemetary school and occassionally have some thoughts or ideas about teaching. I also teach Sunday school and am Dean of our church’s Bible Institute. So, as I have ideas about teaching, those will end up here, but actual lessons will go on JudeMinistries.

Stay and enjoy. Use the above menu system or click here and enjoy the blog.


Jude Ministries is the teaching site, lessons primarily on theology and Scripture, on the Bible and about the Bible. This is the original site and goes back to about 2,000 when it was first started. Parts are incomplete, but what is present is good stuff. There are surveys of both the Old and New Testaments as well as an extended study on cults.These are available in downloadable PDF files as well as viewable online.

Need to study or find an answer? Try Jude Ministries.