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New and Fresh

A long time ago, back around 2002 or maybe even a year or two earlier, I started a web site, Jude Ministries. The purpose was to post teaching material to equip the saints of God to be better able to defend their faith. The material was a combination of my teaching in our church’s Sunday School and their Bible Institute. I also posted various comments or opinions, those pieces today called “blogs.”

Then, back issues which resulted in chronic pain caught me. I spent most of two years in bed. But, God knew it was coming and after three surgeries, I am able to work part time, as well as finally get around to starting to clean up the website.

But, wait — this isn’t Jude Ministries — it is jamesgarthur.com. Yes, it is.

In updating the site(s), I decided to expand and reorganize. So, yes, if you move over to Jude Ministries, you will discover substantial revisions. You will also find so parts missing. These have been moved to either Jude 3 or to this site.

So, at the end of the teachings that are straight theology are at Jude Ministries. Teachings, old blogs, material not directly related to theology and Christianity are at Jude 3. Here, at jamesgarthur.com you will find all future blogs, be they theology, technical, cultural, or useless.

I hope you enjoy it all, browse around, and come back often.

Jim A

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